Saturday, September 7, 2013


This week was all about finishing art journal pages.
I don't seem to be afraid of a white page: I spray, stencil, paint something on but then stop.
I procrastinate, overthink everything and can't seem to progress with the page. So now I just said to myself stop thinking and just do.
And I must say I'm pretty satisfied with the results

Here I had sprayed some stencils from Crafters workshop. I picked up by glueing some parts of doilies and leaves to the page, gave it a wash with gesso and then all of a sudden the word "flourish" came to me. So I added the definition and made these flowers out of bookpages

On this page I only had stamped the brick wall using an embossing folder, the rest was still blank. I had this idea in my head of creating a butterfly out of a bunge of small butterflies. So I used this page for it and I sprayed a sunrise and pasted a dozen of butterflies on top of it.

This page started out with the black page where I already had a stencilled image with metallic paint, I cleaned of my stencil on the white page. So I took this further into a night&day theme.

Originally this page was something totally different, but I didn't like it, so I gessod over it and redone it. I had bought these napkins with embossed circles on it a while ago and glued that to the page, then I just HAD to go with the circles. These butterflies were lying there and screaming out to me to be used. I'm very glad that I did redo this page, because now I'm very pleased with the result.

This is the last page I have to take on. The problem that I have is that I already like it the way it is, but I know/feel it isn't finshed. I'm afraid of ruin what I already have when I add something.

I will show the result when I've figured out where to go from here.
Until next time, bye for now.


  1. I SO recognise that procrastination thing! I've had a bit of a week of that myself - good to know I'm not alone :) Visiting via Artists in Blogland - Best wishes, Shroo:)x

    1. Sometimes I still find it hard to add to something I already like, but usually it only becomes better.

  2. loving all your journal pages - BJ

  3. Not quite so loving the word verification! BJ