Friday, November 15, 2013

gelli plate to the rescue

Here are a few pages I made this week, they are for a special project on which I'm currently working on and can’t say much more about as it is a surprise, but more will follow shortly off course.
I experienced hesitation starting off, didn’t know exactly what to do or start with, so out came the gelli plate. This usually gets my creative juices flowing.
And it certainly didn’t fail me this time.
In no time I had some fabulous backgrounds to get me started.

Off with the first page, but not for long as I was stuck again L 
But then it dawned to me, “hey why do you always stick to one page start to finish, if you’re stuck just put it aside and start another one. “ Right?
That’s exactly what I did and wow did it work, I started a couple of pages at the same time and added something here, something there and now I have 3 pages finished.
And I must say I’m pretty pleased with the results:

this background wasn't made with the gelli plate
Still a few to go and then I can finish of the book (oops, slip of the tongue J) 

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  1. These are great pages! So glad you shared them with the party!

  2. Beauty of prints, I work a lot messier in my art journal, wish I could keep it a bit clean...

    1. Thanks a lot, i'm a follower of your blog also and like your work, I was suprised to see that you too are from Belgium :-)