Tuesday, August 11, 2015

toilet roll mini book

If you have visited this spot before you probably already know that I like to use everyday materials. Well, what do we all have in abundance and just throw away, toilet rolls.
There are numerous tutorials on what to do with them and one that caught my eye was transforming them in a mini book.
This was such a cool idea I just had to give it a go.
First I flattened the rolls out and gessod the front, back and inside (only the first cm or so). I used homemade gesso (last time I used plaster but this gave a rough structure, so now I tried it with baby powder, much better and mmm the smell)

Next I applied a layer of ochre acrylic paint which I left to dry,

I toned it down with walnut DI and also distressed the edges.
Cut out rectangle pieces of pattern paper,

distressed the edges with the same walnut DI and glued them down.
Next I needed to make ‘spines’ for each page, I cut out small rectangles, used a decorative scissor for the edge and stamped a small flower on it.
I punched 2 holes in each roll/page and used 2 book rings to hold everything together.

The neat part about this book is that each page can hold a tag, so I made some tags out of the same patterned paper.


  1. A much more creative way to use toilet rolls than mine - they make great fire-starters on these cold winter mornings :)

  2. Thought I'd have a look round while I was here. We seem to have similar tastes, another of my favourite projects.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

    1. Thx Angela for sticking a bit, just quickly checked out your blog, need to take some time to browse through.