Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kasper's preschool art book 1

Do you know the feeling that you’re always running way behind with everything. I do.
For example I have a whole pile of artwork from my son from in kindergarten which I intend to sort through and bind the most beautiful in a book and that per year.
Well, my son started 2 weeks ago his first year of elementary school (where has the time gone??), so I am hopelessly behind.
But in these moments of sudden panic I try to remember this quote I recently read in a magazine: You are not behind, you are just starting.
So with this mantra in the back of my head I got started.
Step 1: collect all art from kindergarten year 1, that was easy as I kept them in separate boxes, one for each year.
Step 2: select the works I want to keep and which ones can be thrown away, I did this together with my son so he could tell me which ones he really would like to keep and it also teaches him that you can’t keep everything.
Step 3: I glued pages together to make double sided pages
Step 4: punch holes in the pages with my Bind-it all
Step 5: aha, and now for the fun part, creating a front cover (I got the inspiration from Artangel)
I covered a piece of cardboard with crinkled tissue paper

Painted it with metallic paints and rubbed over the creases with some blue and green oil pastels.

In the middle I am going to glue down the letters of his name in gypsum which he decorated himself, around I wanted to create some kind of border.
Because this week is stencil week over at The Craft Barn I was playing around with stencils and another way of using them is laying them underneath a piece of paper or in my case a piece of tissuepaper and rubbing the pattern with a crayon.

I tore the leaves and glued them to the cover, followed by the letters for which I used my heatgun.
Bind it all together and tada finished.

One done, 2 more to go.


  1. Great project, Vicky! Wish I'd done something like that for my kids!

  2. How special for you to do this, even if it took a wee while x It really is special and loving the stencilling on the front .

    1. Thx Mac, I will be cracking on those others shortly.

  3. Thank you for popping by my site and had to come back to say how clever are you to think of using so much around the house etc to produce such fabulous work? I'm off to take a look around my house! Thank you for the inspiration x

  4. OMG! What a wonderful idea. I had a tear in my eye when I was reading this post. As Win has said previous.. I wish I had done this with my nieces artwork.
    Flo xx

    1. O my Florence, you gave me tears in my with such nice comments.

  5. Hope you don't mind but I have pinned this. Love it so much.
    Flo x

  6. What a lovely project! Thank you for joining in The Craft Barn Challenge.
    Jane x

  7. A great idea. I have a few pieces from my boys - mainly Christmas and Mothers Day cards. Very clever enough of you to keep all the artwork.

  8. A very special book, made even more special as your son helped to create it.