Monday, November 23, 2015

envelope clasp book

Somewhere in the summer I held a tea dying/coffee staining marathon together with my then 5 year old son.
We took a whole bunch of paper, a bowl with tea and a bowl with coffee, old sheets to lay on the grass and off we were.

Now I have a huge stash of new  “old” paper.

I used some of these papers to make this journal.

The cover is a folded envelope which I slit open to create an extra insert ( the back already has an insert where the envelop closes)
I used some pretty vintage papers on the cover and on some of the inner pages.

Initially this journal was one for me, but I eventually gave it as a b-day present to my mum. It was accompanied with this b-day card

I must say, I love looking at all those beautiful journals on fb, pinterest, youtube,… and would like to be able to make such wonderful journals myself, but once I start it seems not really my thing (don't know where to start or how to finish, what to add...). I think I'll stick to making mixed media pieces and getting my hands dirty with paint, inks,… 

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  1. These pages look lush! I've just coffee stained some fabric - that works great too!