Sunday, April 3, 2016

ARTicles 3 - week 14

Hello and welcome,
It's sunday today, and what a sunny day it has been here, so I am here to share with you my spread in my ARTicles book.
I decided to split my page in blocks this week, each block being one day.

What fun, good, happy and quirky news do I have this week in my book:
Well on Easter monday they celebrated a 43 year old tradition in Bessières, France, where they prepare a massive omelet of 15.000 eggs for the 10.000 visitors. Supposedly Napoleon ate an omelette in Bessières when passing by with his troops, he enjoyed it so much he ordered an omelette for his entire army the next day.

Because the pan is an oval and on the pile of egg shells a rabbit is dancing of excitement, the 2 ingredients for this biweekly Craft Barn challenge, I will be taking part in this challenge.

The next story is an encouraging story about a Syrian refugee. During her trip oversea she and her sister saved the lives of her companions. When the boat started sinking they both jumped out and pushed the boat to shore for hours. She was training for the Olympic swimming team in her home country, luckily for her the IOC decided that refugees can form their own independent team and so she is now training for Rio.

The last story of March just had to be included in my book as it is about butterflies.
A new species has been identified, the Tanana arctic butterfly.
Although it has been in a museum in Florida for decades already, it is only until now that Andrew Marren  "the lord of the butterflies", noticed a mistake in cataloging this one while going through the collections.

Friday was the start of April, which is known for his frickle behavior with sun and showers.

The first story of April is about a human library where instead of checking out books you check out people for a 30 minute conversation. This initiative started in 2000 in Copenhagen and has been introduced in 70 countries since then. The purpose is to get to know other people, get rid of prejudice and understand one another better.

I'm really proud of how my stack of books turned out (thanks to Vicky Papaioannou's video reading)

And today it is international pillow fight  day. 

That's all from me for this week, see you back next week.


  1. Great looking journal and some fabulous stories to make me smile. Cara x

  2. Interesting stories and fun illustrations. Love your dancing rabbit!

  3. Love your unusual entry, perfect for the challenge. Thank you for entering The Craft Barn Challenge.
    Jane x

  4. What interesting news stories. I love the idea of international pillow fight day. Now that would be a much better way to sort out disputes between countries! A super page and thanks for raising a smile on this gloomy day here in England.