Friday, May 6, 2016


Yesterday it was Ascension day so we all had a day off and the weather was beautiful.
I wanted to craft as it was a while ago since I did anything, but didn’t want to sit inside with such nice weather, so I grabbed my brushes, paints and canvas and painted outside.

I actually don't have an easel, so I used my son's drawing board instead.

I followed the instructions of Flora Bowley's Wanderlust lesson on intuitive painting, it was so much fun.

Here is a picture of the progress the painting made

And here the “finished” painting.

I say finished but I’m thinking of adding some collage elements to it.
My husband sees a circus in it and now I do too, and the hearts are like a guirlande.
This painting is actually a joint effort together with my son because when he saw me painting he just needed to join in

he made the hearts

and in the right corner wrote 'lieve mama' which means sweet mum in the purple heart.

and he signed the canvas with both are names


  1. Love the way you and your son worked together on this. It's fabulous. Cara x

  2. I see circus too, it's fabulous! And how cool that your son joined in too! xxx

  3. Wow, that's huge! Great collaboration with your little one. It must have been wonderful painting outside on that big canvas. Your son will grow up rememebering this forever, I'm sure. What a wonderful way to spend the holiday!