Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Past weekend I kept myself busy with rearranging my studio a bit

 before                     after
So what did I do??
I opened the storage area.
So now everything is more accesible and is split in mine

 and my son's

Originally I didn't do it like this because this corner was going to be the sink area, but unfortunately we ran out of budget, for now, so in the meantime I think this is a better set up.

And this is what is actually on my desk this week

An art journal in progress following one of this year’s Wanderlust classes.

I want to apologize upfront as I will only be able to make visits as of this evening or tomorrow as I have something even more exciting planned for today, if that is even possible, I am going to an art fair
Come back next week to see all details and goodies. 


  1. enjoy your art fair, and thanks for sharing your reorganised space, it looks great! as does the journal (I am so behind on Wanderlust classes!) Helen #1

  2. great looking crafting area. I loved having my children craft with me. It kept them busy and allowed me to play too! Have fun at the art fair. Hope you have a great week. Vickie #4

  3. Look forward to next weeks review of the art fair - don't spend too much!
    Love the reorganisation of your areas - everywhere looks neat and tidy and your journal looks like fun. I must admit i joined Wanderlust but have not even started it as yet. That is very bad isn't it - just throwing money away. Need more hours in the days.
    Thanks for sharing
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx

  4. It's a great space you have there! Your art journal is lovely too, very colourful!
    Hugs,mom 3 xxx

  5. Mom???? Blooming autocorrect, it should have said LLJ!!!!

  6. Just love what you have done with your art space, I can imagine the wonderful times you will have in there .... quality, mate, quality.
    Have a good week, lots of laughs
    Bishopsmate #17

  7. Hi Vicky, I hope you will have had a fantastic day at the art fair. Love the room layout, much more practical for you both, I'm sure. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #18xxx

  8. Oooh hope you have fun at the art fair! Love your room, in fact my second favourite thing to do after crafting is just re-organising my craft room! Happy WOYWW Cindy #23

  9. Oh, have fun at the art fair!! Love the room set up like this. Refurbishing always costs more money than you think it will. We have a whole house to do. Happy Wednesday, LisaDV #25

  10. Great organisation there Vicki, and have great fun at art fair.
    Happy WOYWW!!
    Shaz in Oz.x #19

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  11. An art fair sounds interesting . Have a good time there .
    Happy woyww Jill #28

  12. Your organisation has gone very well - love the changes! Have fun at the art fair. Can't wait to see what you get up to!

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #35

  13. Re-organizing the studio must be in the air as I just got done with mine as well. I do love the open-ness of yours.
    Have fun at the art fair!!
    Hope #40

  14. I love an art fair! Your new project looks exciting. Happy Wednesday. Sandy Leigh #30

  15. Happy WOYWW. What a transformation in your craft room. My eldest granddaughter wants a blackboard and that reminds me to get one ordered for Xmas. Enjoy the art fair. Ali x #33

  16. Your storage certainly does look organised! Enjoy the craft fair! Chrisx 32

  17. Hi Vicky,
    I am just getting around to my rounds. Great space bet you get some wonderful work there.! cheers, donna #8

  18. We are like twins this week Vicky as I've been revamping and working on a book
    Lynn //9

  19. Hi Vicky, I didn't have time to do my rounds until today either. I really like how you set up your art space. I remember that Wanderlust lesson. I created a cover, but never got further than that, even though I was so inspired by that journal idea! Art Fair, how exciting! Tell us all about next time! zsuzsa #24