Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WOYWW 386 - stencils

Welcome ,
come in
and have a look at my desk
(it is WOYWW after all)

You can see the very first page in my new art journal.

I usually don’t have blank page syndrome,
But I must say I had blank journal syndrome this time.
It is the first time I bought a proper journal, usually I use a cheap book or make one myself,
But now I splashed out and bought a nice book with sturdy pages that hopefully can withstand all kinds of media

You may or may not remember I bought a silhouette cameo last year to be able to cut my own stencils. Well, I must say I’ve used it but not that extensive. I think I was unconsciously worried about needing to change the blade every 5 seconds, but I realized that it is better to having to change the blade rather than leaving the machine unused.
So this weekend I cut and I cut and I cut... 22 stencils and counting.

I used some of the stencils in my journal already,
remember the pink drip page from a couple of weeks ago,
I added some stencilling, 
the page is coming together,
 needs some more work though

some other pages in process


  1. Well done Vicky you've really put the time in and all the effort has paid off. Your journal is looking great
    Lynn : 13

  2. Gosh you have been busy. Like your pages. Do remember seeing the pink drip one - great to see what you did next. Anne x #17

  3. Oooh a lovely shiny new journal! Once you get over the trauma of using the first page, you'll whizz through it!
    Hugs, LLJ 4 xxx

  4. Tell me about the blank journal syndrome, LOL. I still have a few sitting around untouched, except when I stroke them. I think the blade for the Cameo goes a long way. I don't think I've ever had to change it and I've had it for years - though true I haven't used it all that much. I bought a replacement blade, just so I have it when I need it. You've cut some great stencils - they've already almost paid for your Cameo, I bet, considering each stencils costs 4-5 pounds/euros. Have a great week! zsuzsa #24

  5. Hi Vicky, I too have bought some journals to have a go at, still untouched, lol. Love the stencils, I use my Silhouette more for that these days, i must admit. Could still get some more use though, I really need to sit down and get some done. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xxx #1

  6. Your journal is looking great! I invested in a 'proper' one. I was a little disappointed and discouraged as I created a lovely page, created another and then found it had leaked through to the first page and destroyed it! I must admit I've been a little put off since then.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #42

  7. Fun pages! I think we all get the blank page syndrome at one time or another! You seem to have plowed through it nicely though! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #49

  8. Well done on using the cameo..mine is a little underused too I confess. Fab journalling. Love the one with the hat. Happy WOYWW Elaine no. 18

  9. Your journal is lovely! I understand about buying equipment and then not using it because I'm afraid of the maintenance. You're right, it's better to use it and maintain it than letting it sit unused. I'm going to remember that!
    Suzanne #54

  10. Oh, the first page in a new journal is always the hardest. I'm glad you got over the hump and made a beautiful page! I have a silhouette too and have made a few stencils, but yours are fabulous. I love that one with the steampunk top hat. Where did you find that one? It's so cool! Have fun with all the new stencils and the new book!
    Hope #43

  11. Hi Vicky, lots of lovely art work. Great journal pages, love them. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 20

  12. oooh.. I am LOVING Your desk and your post AND your stencils! I can relate to "blank page syndrome"... what is it about a pretty, blank journal that freezes us?? I know, we don't want to mess it up, so we grab old copy books, and old books to alter and end up doing our best work in these old, beat up journals?? The Woman's Brain can be so difficult! Grin. I think your stencils are amazing and I cannot wait for you to share how you are going to store them! Thanks for the visit yesterday! Happy belated WOYWW! from Lynne in Canada #51

  13. I am like that about a new journal! I am afraid I will ruin it, and then don't use it at all!, what syndrome is that? LOL. You are right, it is better to use it and mess up , than to not use it at all! Great stencils, BTW. Thank you for your visit to my space. Have a great week in your art journal!

  14. Oh, art journal eye candy!! How clever to do your stencils first. Thanks for that idea. I was reading that Mrs Baltzer uses masking tape on all of her inside edges to stop the ink bleeding into the spine. then covers it with Gesso. I haven't tried this yet. But I am going to!! Keep smiling and creating. thanks for popping by!

  15. Blank page syndrome...I am familiar, I bet it was because you actually paid for the journal! First page looks terrific! Am impressed at your cameo, my word its good isn't it, the detail on the stencils is wonderful, you sure have ,ade the most of your weekend of cutting!

  16. Hi Vicky, saw your message. I think I had posted my canvas before The Craft Barn but the tutorial is there now, sorry you couldn't see it. The link is here:
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  17. Happy Belated WOYWW. I was looking at journals on Amazon yesterday. I am the same as you - only used cheaper notebooks or made my own from single sheets before. Put one on my wish list, so hoping that perhaps Santa will be generous! I sold my Cameo about 2 years ago and really wish I had kept it. I made one stencil (from card, but it is still usable) and now of course realise how useful it would be now for my journalling. Your selection is fantastic. I have over 1500 designs in my Silhouette Library - so really should get another one when I can afford it. Ali x #7

  18. Oh awesome work! Love the girlie in the top hat, too. And your work room is so nice and light!

    Happy WOYWW for last week by the way - I'm late getting round.... as always.

    Morti @23

  19. Ah Blank page syndrome that's a newbie but I can relate Vicki, great desk share.
    Running bit late here....
    Thanks for popping over and for sharing,
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  20. Great collection of stencils! Make very nice backgrounds...
    Thank you for visiting me last week of WOYWW!
    Fall greetings from Sweden.