Wednesday, March 15, 2017



It's that time of the week again where we all join in in the fun over at Julia's place.
The purpose is to show our desks (because people are by nature curious) and who knows maybe even inspire one another. 
Here is mine

I'm having fun using new stash I scored last week on a fair in Antwerp,
I'm creating a journal with kraft paper and bookrings I bought and the cover is well on its way

The background is made with a homemade stencil and some modelling paste, then I used my new Pebeo gilding waxes, doesn't it just look like metal??
Now I'm playing around with some embellishments, what do you think?
Still need to search for a focal image in the top left corner.

Last week I was busy with organizing my stamps and some of you were interested in my CD cases filing system and wanted some more info, so here we go:

 I just use empty CD cases (not the slim ones, and take out the black part)

These all get a number and are placed in a CD box.

I've also created a catalogue where I can flip through my collection, I've also added the numbers here so I can easily find the correct set.

It's still a work in progress and after last week I'm not sure anymore whether to unmount my wooden mounted stamps.
Time will tell.
Thx for stopping by and have a lovely week.


  1. your cd storage looks very organised! (as long as you file them in the right order!) Hope you keep your wooden stamps mounted.. but I know it can save space...Happy WOYWW Helen #1

  2. Morning Vicky. I really like that project you are working on. Well done. Great stamp storage ideas - looks like it works well. I confess to actually liking my wooden mounted stamps. Somehow they feel more authentic when I use them - yes, I know - I'm losing the plot!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  3. So organised, want to come and do some organising for me? It's a case of the spirit is willing but the flesh is..... Have a good week. Anickoana #6

  4. Such a fun visit, your desk looks like you are having fun. And I think you did an awesome job on the Journal cover. It's striking. I've most of my stamps in Cd cases now, but I like your idea of the binder, too much searching otherwise. I have the stamps sorted out by catagory or company in drawers. I like my wooden stamps displayed, but I have to order most and they get costly by shipping chgs. So I've been doing rubber or clear. And now the "Misti" is out and I like the looks of TH new one, #4 this week. Enjoy a wonderful week.

  5. Super cover page, yep looks like metal alright. I used to use CD cases for stamps, in fact I still have some in one! BJ#9

  6. I love your organisation skills and I'm going to pinch the cd box idea to store some cut fabric flowers in.
    Thanks for the tip
    Lynn //10 x

  7. Oh My Goodness! That background is amazing - so utterly gorgeous!
    Have a fantastic wednesday :)
    Bubbles #11

  8. Love using craft paper so your desk really got my attention this morning! So much fun going on I wish I could sit in the orange chair and paint with you. Thank you for sharing your CD filing system (I'm on of the ones who asked about it). I know that what I have right now is simply not working! Diane #15

  9. Fantastic background .... loving the look you have achieved with the gilding wax.
    sandra de @19

  10. Steampunk!!! Yeah! Big shoutout1 Guess you can tell I just love the journal cover ....
    My stamps are kept in original packaging in clear storage boxes but before they go in the box ..... I stamp them in a folder like you and add the number of the box. The folder saves sooo much time doesn't it?
    Have a good week
    Christine #23

  11. Wow that's organisation. I like the idea of CD cases for stamp storage. Love the new scrapbook cover. Happy WOYWW Sarah #25

  12. nice use of the gilding wax, I like my wood mounted stamps as they are, I find it a bit sad when space restrictions means images are hidden away in boxes and folders...that said I once did a journal catalogue of all my stamps for my friend so if she ever wanted to borrow a stamp she knew what I also served as an inspiration reference journal too....dx11

  13. Oh well done Vicky - the CD organising looks wonderful. I think its the cataloguing that puts me off - I'm so lazy!
    I love the metal effect you've created for the cover, it's amazing!

  14. Hi Vicky, great system, I once started with CD cases, but found I had many stamps too big to fit, or sets that would not all fit in one case, so rather quickly gave that up. Loving the book cover, yes it looks just like a sheet of metal. Gorgeous. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #8 XxXx

  15. Happy WOYWW. Fantastic journal cover. I only have a few stamps in my collection now, and they all fit in a small plastic basket. Your organisation and cataloguing is very inspirational. Ali x #27

  16. So organised. Mine are still sitting in various tubs. I think that's probably where they will stay lol. Love the background - looks so dimensional

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #31

  17. Love your journal page! I too enjoy using modelling past in my journal pages, so much so that I need to get more! I love the colours in your journal page too! Your stamp organization looks great! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #39

  18. Loving your busy desk and great storage too. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy crafty woyww, Angela x19x

  19. Your page looks great and your new stamp storage is great too! Dorlene #36

  20. Wow! You are so organized! Great Journal page. I like all the texture that you have made!