Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hello and welcome,

Another week has passed and another Wednesday aka WOYWW has rolled by  (all details about WOYWW can be found here)

So here is a shot of my desk in its current state

some detailed shots

The design I made for my namecards for my shop.

when doing grocery shopping yesterday I couldn't resist
this cute napkin design.

and the crazy bird stampset from Kaiserkraft.

Past week I have been creatively busy and created background 8 to 12 for the 100 day challenge

Besides going to work, running the household, creating these backgrounds, I also am in full preparation for this Friday's art martket where I will have a stand with my cards. Past weekend was full of stress with ordering the cards, Last week I ordered them, but luckily I found out before they went in production that the chosen paper wasn't ideal to write on, yeah, that is of course the whole purpose of a card, no? The other option was double the price so I cancelled that order (luckily for me that was a possibility) searched for another company, found it, uploaded my files, had difficulties with size, then with resolution, then on Monday I got a mail that something went wrong on their side and the delivery will be delayed, and because  it is a holiday on Thursday probably to Saturday, I said that that was unacceptable as I need them the latest on Friday evening, they were going to see with production what was possible and give me a ring, didn't get a phone call, but did get mails that the cards are in production and with delivery date as planned the latest tomorrow, so cross fingers everything goes ok. That the designs are well, the quality fine and of course that there will be lots of interest on Friday.


  1. Hope everything goes well with the cards and that they arrive on time. Love the design. Sarah #15

  2. Good luck for Friday Vicky, I hope it all goes smoothly and you sell plenty and meet some nice people along the way
    Lynn 12 x

  3. You sound very busy there. Hope your cards arrive as promised and all goes well for your market.
    Hugs Lisax #17

  4. Your desk looks really interesting, fancy a visit! Love the bird stamps so quirky! Have a great woyww, Angela x7x

  5. Hi Vicky, how stressful was that little episode! Far more than it should have been. Love the backgrounds. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #1 XxXx

  6. Beautiful design for the name cards, hope they materialise in time. Thought you might like to know the Welsh for Butterfly as I tend to use it most of the time instead of the English - Pili-Pala. BJ#23

  7. Happy WOYWW. We are all anxious that your cards arrive and are ok. Make sure you get some time to relax too. Ali x #25

  8. What a nightmare you've had with your card....fingers crossed it arrives in time. Hope you have a good week.
    Annie x #9

  9. Good luck with your card stand. Hope it goes well. The backgrounds look wonderful. I have fun making them - sometimes more than assembling the cards.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #29

  10. Oh My Goodness! You have got your hands full at the moment. Hope those cards turn out to be just what you want.
    have a good week
    Christine #19

  11. Hopefully, your cards will arrive on time, and then that company is a keeper! Your backgrounds are looking awesome! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #34

  12. Great backgrounds on your desk! And I love your desk in it's current stage. It shows you are being creative. And, I didn't know anyone else made Crazy Birds but TH.
    Have a great week! #35

  13. I'm a sucker for a pretty napkin too!! And those are very lovely. I'm liking the bright colours you've been working with too!
    Hugs, LLJ 4 xxx

  14. I would not have been able to walk past those butterfly napkins either, they are gorgeous. It sounds like you've been having a stressful time so I hope everything is OK and your cards arrive tomorrow as promised. Good luck with the market and thanks for stopping by my desk earlier,
    Diana #16

  15. you sound very busy! love the butterfly napkins. good luck with the market. Helen #2

  16. Loving the text/bookpage background - just my style :)
    Have a Wonderful Wednesday
    Bubbles #32

  17. Good luck with your sales! Dorlene #33

  18. Good luck with the market , sorry about the dramas with the cards.
    Thank you for your nice comment on my post. I'm a new follower too!

  19. Great napkins and I don't think I could resits those crazy bird stamps. Your backgrounds are turning out beautifully.
    sandra de @22

  20. Why is nothing straight forward? Hope you got your delivery and all goes well for your market stall. Anickoana #3

  21. You poor thing - what a lot of hassle and stress to get the cards right! Hope everything goes OK from now on. Great backgrounds, and the butterfly napkins are a real find - gorgeous!

    Thank you for your visit and your nice comment and good wishes.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #27

  22. I am such a tool collector that my eyes instantly were drawn to the spinning galvanized holder. ( that looks cool) Those napkins would have followed me home too :) hope the show goes well, ~Stacy #36

  23. I hope the cards turn up safely. Good luck with the market. Cara x

  24. Hi Vicky thanks for popping over, trust all goes well with cards... they arrive and are snapped up for you, too.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration!
    Shaz in Oz.x 20

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}