Friday, January 3, 2020

new year, new decade, new goals

With a new year, comes new years resolutions.
Maybe one of mine could be giving some TLC to my blog, 
because quite frankly I have been neglecting it lately 
due to other social media, mainly Instagram 
(you can find me under my blogname butterfliecrafter)
there you will see that it is not because I am not creating anymore,
although that has also been on a low fire,
but since I followed Kasia Avery's daybydaycourse the fire has been reignited and I am trying to keep up with a daily routine.
Here are some of my favourite pages that I created during the course:

Right after this challenge I followed along with Kasia's advent calendar,
extending my daily routine,
here are some of my pages

and now I am starting of with creative jumpstart 2020

So I hope to create daily as of now 
because I feel that I need to,
that it helps me relax and destress,
and just because.


  1. I love your two #cjs pages - they both really show the hand of the artist, which I always love. But, wow, you sound busy!

  2. Gorgeous spreads for Creative JumpSTart! Love the colorful and happy pieces!!!

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  4. Hi Vicky! Thanks for your visit - yes, I've spotted you on IG so we can keep in touch - nice to see that you're still creating. I only use IG for challenges and inspiration and it's great for that! See you there! xx