Thursday, August 22, 2013

art journaling

I came across art journaling not so long ago by browsing through You Tube tutorials and found the concept fascinating. 
For those who don’ t know what an art journal is, it is a journal in which you combine art and words to express yourself. I always find the word ‘art’ so loaded and don’t consider myself being an artist ( I associate an artist with someone who can paint and draw),  but rather someone who loves being creative and get messy in the process and just have fun and relax. So instead of drawing I stencil, stamp, collage…
The nice thing about journaling is, there is no wrong or right way, it’s your way, there are NO rules.

I use journaling not so much as a daily diary but rather to experiment with new techniques and  enjoy the process of creating. 
Here are some examples from my art journal:

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