Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How much junk on 1 page??? (junk journal page #4)

I finally managed to finish the next page for my junk journal.
Clare gave us kind of a challenge, wondering how much junk we can use on one page.
I’m always up for a challenge so of I went and this is what I turned up with:
(sorry for the picture because it's so bulky I couldn't scan it and my photography skills aren't that great)

I started with a piece of cardboard from a cereal box (#1) which I painted green with paint that was leftover on my pallet (#2).
The pink was added by cleaning of my stencils(#3)

The frame is made by using cut out hearts that were sitting on my desk, I intended to use them on this month’s birthday calendar, but they were too bright for it and I had redone them in a softer color, so they were in fact junk (#4)
The hearts led me to a romantically themed page which needed cherubs and flowers.
The flowers I made from newspaper (#5) and a die cut.

This is how the pieces look when die cut, then you role them up using a quilling pen.
The cherubs are images from a napkin. They needed golden wings, but  as I didn’t have any stamps, I made one myself, this is my first attempt at carving a stamp, not too bad if I say so myself:

I definitely going to buy some more blocks for carving and attempt to make some more unique stamps.
In the rigth bottom corner I glued a row of hearts which I used as a mask whilst gelli printing (#6)
The last piece of junk I used on this page was a pair of black earrings in the shape of angel wings which were from a secondhand store, so they were someone’s junk, but my treasure (#7)

 So my answer to Clare’s question is 7 for now.


  1. Love your newspaper flowers, they're really unique, very nice ideas for recycling!

  2. Thanks, the only issue is that they are really 3D