Wednesday, February 5, 2014

mini album "A day at the zoo"

For my grandmother's birthday I made a mini album of our day at the zoo last summer (last year's birthday present J)
I started by cutting out 13 pieces of cardboard with dimensions 14 x 17cm:

I do not own any fancy paperpackets for making mini albums, but on a bookfair where they also have a ton of craft stuff I bought these packets of cardstock, only 1.25 euro for 25 pages. 
I've selected one with green shrubs as I figured this fitted well with the zoo theme, I glued the cardstock to the pieces of cardboard:

Sanded the edges, added some dark green paint and binded it with my Bind-it-all

Then came the decorating, here's the cover:  

and here are some of the inner pages:

Needless to say that my grandmother was over the moon with this present.
Last year was a good present as we all enjoyed a day at the zoo and this year a great little book to browse through and be remembered of that wonderful day. What to do next year??