Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Paris (junk journal page #9)

This time I worked on a smaller size (the end result of my junk journal will be a mismatch of different sizes bound together), sprayed the background and collaged some magazine pictures.

The heart outline was leftover from a previous project, while glueing it down with gel medium I discovered a nice side effect, I can use this as a stencil (will use this in an upcoming project)
I also used a vaseline resist technique I saw just the other day, in the end it turned out ok, but not as I envisioned, I guess I applied way too much vaseline because all the paint just rubbed of the first time or maybe I wasn’t patiented enough to wait till  the paint was dried. So I gave it a second go, which worked better but still too little distress to my likings, maybe there stays some residue of the vaseline on the paper. I will give it another try on another piece of paper.

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