Sunday, March 30, 2014

wax resist 2

Ok, so my first go at this wax resist technique didn't quite turned out as expected, so on to trial no2. 
This time I really put a thick layer of crayon on my blank page, it was easier to remove the paint as with the previous prints but still not exactly what I had imagined (I also find the colors rather dull)

Maybe it's the type of crayon, so I used neocolor watersoluble crayons (like they did in the demo video from gelli arts) this seems to work a little bit better (or maybe I'm becoming more patient in removing the paint)

I also tried something different, I made a print on which I rubbed with a candle. Removing the paint was easier but it was harder to find the spots where I had rubbed. I also should have chosen more contrasting colors. I do like the feel of the spots where the wax was rubbed.

When I pulled the ghost print there was also a transfer of some of the crayons of a previous print