Saturday, July 5, 2014


One more week of work and then I can spent 3 weeks of quality time with my 4.5 year old son.
I’m preparing a book with fun activities which we can do together.
The concept is that my son can browse through the book and pick an activity he likes, I will add pictures of all the needed materials so he can help gather everything together.
I found the instructions for this book here

For this project I needed doublesided scrapbook paper and as I apparently don’t have that I searched for something else and suddenly my eye caught the sheets (50x60cm) that I lay on my desk to work on, just perfect for the job on hand.

Here are the instructions on how to construct the pocket pages:

cut pieces of which the width is half of the length + 1cm
I cut  pieces of 25x13cm (this will give square pages of 12.5cm)
I made 15 pages for this book

Fold them double lengthwise


Unfold them and score 1 cm wide lengthwise,
Cut of the top part of the 1cm strip

   Flip the page

Make a mark at 1cm from the top at the right side and 3 cm from the fold upwards on the left side
Cut along this line (this will become the pocket)
Turn the page and fold the pocket, the 1cm wide strip is folded and glued to the back of the page
And then I had a massive oops as I punched the holes on the wrong side, now I had following choice:
  1. Start all over (didn’t think so)
  2. Bind them in like that, the pockets would be orientated differently.
  3. Or add an extra set of punches in the correct place
I opted for the last choice, now my pages have a set of decorative punched holes as decorations.

This is the finished binded book:

Now I need to fill it up with fun projects, I already found some, but am always looking for new ones so feel free to leave a suggestion below. 


  1. Very good idea, nicely executed here and if you hadn't said about your oops, (which you shoulldn't say, you should say, 'how interesting' hehe,) I wouldn't have known. The extra holes look deliberate imo :)
    What about paper aeroplanes? They fold flat and there are lots of styles :D Have fun :D

    1. Thanks for the excellent tip as my son is so into planes for the moment since we went on holidays with a plane for the first time this year.