Friday, July 18, 2014

gelliclopedia - transfer film

It's been a while since I did a post in my gelliclopedia series, my sincere apologies but I have been creatively busy otherwise.
But as the purpose of this series was to improve my printing abilities I ought it was time to tackle some more techniques. 
I remembered seeing a video on the gelli arts blog about gelli transfer prints and wanted to try this for ages, I already bought some stickyback adhesive clear film (used to protect books) so nothing to hold me back there. Even the weather is with me, because it is really hot today, just ideal for this technique because you need to let the paint dry completely before adding another layer or pulling the print. So I grabbed paints, texturizers, the gelli plate and of coarse the adhesive film, took it outside and played a bit.

This is my first attempt and I must say I think the best one, I need to run out to the craft department to get some gold foil which will enhance it even more.

This is an example where I should have stopped before adding a stencil, I figured out for myself that I like the more simple designs without a lot of layering. This one is backed with aluminumfoil (the scan doesn't really pick this up)

A black and white version which I backed with some bookpaper

In the video they mention mica, gold foil, aluminum foil and bookpaper as backing materials, I was wondering what happens if you use delipaper ( which of coarse was also gelli printed)

After puling next print I realized that in fact it is the best thing to first place some pieces of delipaper (as they suggest in the video) on the plate to create blank spaces

However I seem to have an issue with it staying in place when rolling on the paint??

Because you add silver/gold on the print I wanted to experiment with some metallic paint:

I didn't use anything to create texture, it's just the marks of rolling the brayer.  And instead of using pieces of delipaper I used some masks out of plastic. Works like a charm. I might back this with some black paper.
Next up was this print, along with the first one my favourite

For the last print of the day I used some pearlescent paints, masks of stars and butterflies, stamped some flowers with a glass coaster. I'm glad I added some bold color because the pearlescent paint is really subtle (hardly visible)

So far my experiments with transfer film, this was absolutely fun play, if you haven't given this already a go I can highly recommend it.


  1. Nice prints Vicky, loved the black and white with the book paper, it looks amazing!

  2. Notfar you are havng to much fun !!! Lol enjoy it

  3. I must try this! I've got all the "ingredients" so why not! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I read you tried it, and indeed what a great way to clean up the plate.