Monday, March 23, 2015

K3 & eclipse

I made 2 new pages in my ARTicles book.
The first one is about a Flemish band called K3 who announced last week that they were quitting after 17 years, it’s not that I’m a fan or so, their public are mainly kids, but still I wanted to include it in my book.
I started by collaging blocks of patterned paper on which I wrote some of their hits 

I took out my sewing machine to add some real stitches. (although the sewing machine is still not my best friend) I must say it went a lot smoother then last time, even changing the color of thread, I know the sewing is not up to scratch, but only practice will get me better, no?
Then I applied a light coat of gesso and divided the empty space in equal lines to add my rainbow colors (inspired on one of their outfits), the color was added using inktense pencils.

I added some music notes to the rainbow and finally stenciled a woman’s face 3 times, one in each color of their hair (they were known for that: there was one blond, black and ginger)

The second page is about the partial eclipse we could see here past friday, this is my interpretation:

I started with adding blue acrylic paint with a credit card as background.

I wanted to add some interest and texture with a paper napkin, but when I thorn it and laid it down it reminded me of a city, exactly what I wanted to create next with gelli prints. No need for that anymore.

I stamped birds onto gelli prints and cut them out.
I wasn’t able to catch the beauty of the sun however.
In fact I’m not that sure about this whole page, maybe I still change it. 
What do you think?
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  1. Love it that you're incorporating stitching - I no longer have a sewing machine just so I don't have to use the blasted thing! :D