Friday, March 13, 2015


The 2 prompts for this month’s calendar challenge over at The Craft Barn are: yellow and rabbit.
I came to the strange observation that although I adore rabbits I apparently don't have anything in my stash, except for a small rubber stamp and some napkins.
I started out with this paper collage which I cut from a larger sheet I’ve been working on this past week.

 I’ve been clearing out my scrap papers, I keep them in boxes like this 

For when the right project comes along, but it just keeps growing instead of used so I decided to use all those bobs and pieces and glue them down on a large sheet of paper.
I just used a large sheet of drawing paper, nothing fancy and not that thick, I thought all those layers of paper would add strength anyway.
Here are some pictures of the collage in progress

 It was so much fun doing, just grabbing, gluing and no thinking.
After I cut my piece I painted half in yellow and the other half green with an old credit card.In the grass I stamped some wire (like a fence for the rabbit’s cage) and in the yellow sky some circles.On the bottom I added a border of paws.

I stamped the doodled sun on a piece of the collagesheet and cut it out, isn’t it amazing.

All I needed to do now was cut out my rabbit out of the napkin, glue him down and I added some Fun Flock from Stampendous in the color cinemon toast. I have had this for years in my stash but never seem to have used it before.


  1. This is so beautiful. great page:)

  2. What a FABulous idea. I too have LOADs of scraps that just grow and your idea to glue onto a large sheet of paper is inspired. I could get Wee Man to help, he likes to get sticky, lol. Your page is very very cute and the sun is a WOW\!! Have a super weekend ((hugs))

  3. Well done for using some scraps! I have a mountain too and it continues to grow despite using some bits now and then. Love your collage, it's bright and perfect for March!

  4. I also have a pile of bits to use that seems to grow rather than subside. I love your idea - I'll have to try it out. Your page has worked out really well.

  5. I think we all keep those bits just in case so well done you for using them. Love your bunny and thanks for reminding me I have some flock somewhere too!!

  6. Love the sun. What a great idea.

  7. A really effective and clever use of all of those scraps xx

  8. That's a fantastic page, great colors and details.

  9. Loving the collage idea, works so well with the different textures for the background. A fab page.