Thursday, January 7, 2016

ancient city

Carolyn Dube is hosting a rediscover how to play challenge this year, yeah awesome!
I think it’s kind of a continuation of her permission to play class, if you haven’t taken this class yet I can highly recommend to do so (and pstt it’s even free)
Every month there will be a challenge which you may or may not follow, you can link up to 3 times a week and each month there will be an awesome price to win, like a 50 dollar gift certificate to Dickblick this month.
So on to this month’s challenge which is to use something that would have been thrown away.
I must say I need to interpret that as something that someone else would throw away, as I am a total hoarder and see a use in pretty much everything. (much to the dislike of the DH)
Here is the evidence to show for it, a bin full of “junk”

So I dived in and pulled out these, some teabags and a crown from a cake decoration (it’s a tradition here in Belgium on January 6th to eat a “three kings” cake which has a crown on top and a treasure hidden inside, whoever has the treasure is king for a day).

I started by glueing the crown on my page as a border

Applied a layer of gesso

Suddenly an ancient city appeared to me (probably due to the fact that we are currently searching for our next summer family holiday and I’m looking at Italy in particularly), as it is on both sides of the page it looks mirrored.

I used a blue gel stick and a babywipe to color the sky blue.

Added some script stamping and colored the holes in different colors of the rainbow.

Don’t know for sure whether it is complete (I know I didn’t use the teabags, these will go back in the box and appear somewhere else no doubt), but for now I call it done. And didn’t Carolyn say that it is not about finishing, but about the play.
I must say I’m still not in complete play mode as I overthink way too much each step, and worry about the outcome…
But heay I’ve got a whole year to join in the fun and find the inner kid in me again.


  1. I saw Carolyn"s video, and this is a great play with junk piece. I love the "ancient cities.

  2. I understand the "overthink" stuff. Drives me crazy sometimes! Like it did yesterday LOL. I really like how your work looks as is, and am excited to see it possibly change down the road.

  3. A very cool interpretation of the crown as a ancient city. I can see it too but might not have got there without your help :)

  4. How awesome! I really like how you chose to decorate your side edges that way. really a unique new use of a birthday crown!