Friday, January 15, 2016

JAM 2 - nickname

Challenge #2 in the JAM sessions is nickname and to use stamp(s).
I don’t really have a nickname so I choose my crafting alter ego, butterfliecrafter and created this page.

I picked a butterfly napkin, as this was pink I painted the background pink, a color I don’t use that often.

Next I stamped a lace stamp in purple all around, because the napkin design also has some white lace in it. (It’s hard to see, but the shimmer you see is the stamped lace)
I had some lace butterfly stickers in my stash which I glued to the page, stencilled some purple flowers

in which I doodled a bit, really like the effect it gives, it really makes the flowers pop.

Finally I stencilled my nickname and added some gold in a few letters.
As you might have noticed my buterfly is in a somewhat strange position, this is a little oops along the way, because the page is round you don't really see what is up and down.
On to challenge #3.

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