Sunday, January 15, 2017

box inspired by Andy Skinner


Another one of my creative goals this year is to complete the 2016 Wanderlust lessons as I only managed to do a couple last year. 
So instead of enrolling me for this year I'm going to complete the rest of last year's lessons first.

When I saw Andy Skinners' lesson, way back in April, I knew I wanted to create a box with this technique for my husband's birthday, which is in July. 
But... July came and went and I didn't manage to create the box in time. 
So instead I made it as a Christmas present. 
The box is actually "our" box where we can put suggestions for date nights, because that is yet another one of my goals for this year: spent more quality time together as partners and not only as parents. 

It started out as this plane wooden box

which I gave the Andy Skinner treatment with some substitutions on the way

Isn't it just FAB?
Initially I wanted to add a picture of us both in the insert, but I had created this card as a practicepiece for the technique before starting on the actual box and it was just perfect

some detail shots

one down, a lot more to go.

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