Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WOYWW 398 - butterfly princess

Yep, it is Wednesday again.
The day we all come together to see and be inspired by each other’s wokdesks,
And that all thanks to our lovely host Julia over at The Stamping Ground.

Here is my desk at 5:30 this morning,
just before I leave to work

It is less much cluttered as last week, on both sides,
as I couldn’t bare the clutter at my son’s side anymore I did some cleaning,
He wrote me a nice note to thank me

On my desk is the finished AJ page from last week

I call her my butterfly princess

What else is there?
Well, I bought these haircoloring tools, 

not to color my hair but to use to paint of course,
They are great
Especially the tooted one is great for adding texture

On my desk are also some new stamps

And ornaments

At my son’s side there is a beautiful drawing he made from and for his guinea pig Charlie,

who has been very poorly the last couple of days and is at the vets now as we speak,
I hope he will pull through and we can pick him up this evening, fingers crossed.


  1. morning, and to your very tidy desk! Nice purchases. I hope Charlie is ok soon!! Helen #2

  2. Happy WOYWW - and I hope that Charlie the pig is ok. Those hairdressing tools look fab. Ali x #7

  3. Awww hope your son's piggie is much better soon.. what a lovely gift of a drawing.. that will cheer him up.

    I love your use of hairdresser brushes.. hmmmm.. inspired!

    Have a lovely week x
    Erika (#6)

  4. Hope your Son's guinea pig is ok, Great work

    Lilian B #14
    Happy WOWYWDW

  5. Best wishes for a healthy guinea pig. Love the AJ page and the brushes are fantastic.... what great texture you will be able to achieve.
    sandra de @19

  6. What a cleaver idea using the hair brushes for paint instead.
    I'll have to look out for some & give it a try.
    Happy woyww Jill #24

  7. Hi Vicky, I love how sometimes, serendipity plays it's part in WOYWW!, Margaret, (Glitterandglue), commented earlier that she needs to source some small photo frames for cards, and I get to you, and what do you have on yours! Could you possibly leave her a comment with where you got them from please? I know she would be very grateful for the info. Love your art journal page, and how sweet of your son to thank you for tidying! Great idea to grab some of those hair dye brushes- I have to go raid the bathroom now, lol. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

  8. I love that your son wrote you a note. How sweet. Great art work from you son. Yours looks lovely too - love the lady.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #37

  9. awh that is so sweet you got a thank you note I get a grunt if I am lucky :D I love the toothed brush very creative.

  10. Lovely tidy space Vicky! My kids only share mine when they have a creative project for school...then they use all my stuff up and I have to get more in! haha! Happy WOYWW! Sez x

  11. Your son's guinea pig picture is awesome! I hope his little pet gets better quickly. Your journal page is great! I love the butterfly girl! Have fun with all those new stamps! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #47

  12. Oh, I do Charlie is okay, Vicky - your son's picture of him is excellent. And how nice that he wrote a thank you note too. So many youngsters don't bother with such niceties these days. Would never have thought of using hair colouring tools for paint but I can see it can be done. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #21

  13. that should be 'I do hope Charlie is okay' - now blushing at my mistake :(

  14. Oh I love the butterfly girl, lovely strong colours! Your desk looks very calm and tidy - top marks! I too hope Guinea is OK, we get so attached don't we!

  15. Great workspace. TFS xx Jan 52

  16. Lots of lovely new stuff! Hope Charlie gets better soon - great picture of him!
    Bernice #57

  17. Your desk looks great and the butterfly princess is adorable! Dorlene #48

  18. Brilliant idea to use those hair colouring tools as paint brushes! Hope Charlie's gonna be ok - love your son's painting of him - we would never be able to replace that organic innocence! Thanks for visiting earlier! Wishing you a lovely week! zsuzsa #14

  19. Hi there. Finally made it to peek at your desk this week. Love the hair thingies!!! Managed to find the picture frames... took a few tries, but finally got them today in my favourite garden centre!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  20. Butterfly Princess is very pretty. I love that your son has his own art section right by you. My girls used to work on art projects in my studio all the time when they were little. They're now both in their 20's, and we still work on projects sometimes when they're home. I hope your son's Guinea pig Charlie is back to normal quickly. Blessings!