Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Limitations – junk journal page #15

I am notorious for being unable to throw anything away, so much I think my husband will go insane one of these days. And to top it all of my son has inherited this quality and even in a worse degree: he keeps the caps of plastic bottles, the confetti from the paper punch, even yesterday the lid of his dessert (which I didn't allow with a massive tantrum as result)
On my desk there were still some strips of paper lying around from the garden book (I already used some leftovers on page #10)
After watching the video about faux chine collé on the GelliArts blog, it struck me, I should just glue all the scrap pieces that are lying around on a piece of paper and print over it.
So that’s what I did with these strips, there were enough for 2 pages:

I decided to only print on 1 of them and do something different with the second one, just to see how totally different the 2 could turn out.
This is the printed one (I still need to finish this one off)

On the other page I scribbled some with my new gel sticks (still need to give them a proper test drive) and sprayed some Dylusions through some objects which I use as a stencil (a flower coaster, a doiley and a doormat). Then it became clear to me in which directions the page should go, the strips needed journaling so I added all the limitations I encounter with crafting, the main one being time restriction.

Which limitations do you encounter while crafting?


  1. It's sad (but true) that "being an adult" can be a barrier to making art. I try to channel my inner child whenever I can. Well, not when I'm doing my taxes!

    Thanks for the tip about using paper scraps with the Gelli Plate. I'm adding it to my (long) list of fun things to try.

  2. Really like the randomness of the colours & patterns. May have to get myself a gelli plate!

    1. you definetely should, it is so versatile and fun, my best buy ever.