Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Past weekend I bought these new stencils:

Which, off coarse, needed to be tested as soon as possible:

I LOVE this print: it's just perfect, pristine and crisp
The ghost print however doesn't blow me away.

Of coarse I couldn't resist the butterfly one.

The alphabet one is amazing, so versatile
works well as a first print

as a ghost print

as a stamp (this is the clean off from my print)

or with spray ink

I love my new stencils, I'm glad I splashed out to buy these, because normally I hold back and try to make all my stencils myself with a heatcutter, but I'm just not able to get such great detail.
They are just FAB!!!


  1. New stencils to play with!!! Love the butterfly one, don't think I would resist either. AND you can use Versamark over your stencils and apply pastel on top instead of a stamped image... also foolproof. Loved your gel stick experiments too (I am assuming they are Gelatos), sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. thx for the tip. The gel sticks are also from Faber Castell and I think they are the same but are limited in colors and much cheaper, they are apparently marketed for kids, but work just fine for me too :-)