Tuesday, November 4, 2014

7 backgrounds in 7 days - day 1

This months challenge over on Journal workshops is creating 7 backgrounds in 7 days.
 After watching the video I interpreted it as adding each day a layer to the page (or 7 pages to be more precise).
For more info go over here.
I took 5 pieces of regular cardstock, 1 watercolor paper and a black paper to start with. (Is this then layer 1? J)
And this is what I did on day 1

Added pearlescent texture paste through a stencil

Iron a paper napkin to the cardstock: 
you make a sandwich of paper, plastic wrap and top layer of napkin, place delipaper on top and iron it, this fuses the plastic wrap in between the layers adhering the napking to the paper.

Sponged some metallic paint on the piece of black cardstock

Used my 3 new sprays from Lyndy’s stampgang Sidekick Victorian bouquet.

Clear embossed a music note stamp which will react as a resist with the further layers.

Made a paper collage, I only used 1 piece of scrap paper which I cut in different shapes.

Come back tomorrow to see the progress on these backgrounds as I apply layer 2.


  1. Seems an interesting game Vicky, will be back sure :))

  2. My interpretation of the challenge would have been to create one for each day, but this is way more cool this way! I find I create backgrounds very easily, but I don't always know what to do with them!

    1. same here, I'm not afraid of a white page, but when I already did something on it which I like I get scared to go further and ruin it.

  3. This looks very interesting Vicky...can't wait to see what you do next!!

  4. Spotted this on your sidebar and am curious to know where you will go with these pages. some interesting ideas for starting white pages.