Sunday, November 16, 2014

7 backgrounds in 7 days - day 6

Goodmorning everybody,

It's a grey sundaymorning here, so I thought to bring some sunshine with some colorful backgrounds in progress.

I colored the stamped watches with watersoluble crayons

Made some texture paste and applied it through a homemade brick stencil

added some detail to the butterflies with liquids pearls petal pink

stamped stars with stazon in 3 colors:olive green, ganache and claret

With this background I went a bit radical, I colored it in using 3 colors of gelsticks, glad I did that because now I'm finally starting to like it.

To keep with the metallic I added some pink metallic thread

I outlined the tape with a white gelstick and added it also to the raised areas of the texture paste.

This weather is excellent to go to my studio and apply the last layer to these backgrounds without having to feel guilty. 
thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back tomorrow to see the finished backgrounds.


  1. Oh Vicky they are fabulous, can't wait to see the end :))

    1. Thx Ruth, I'm glad I thought I would bore everyone with these steps by steps.

  2. I love these Vicky! I think number 6 is my favourite!

  3. Replies
    1. thx, that's something I'm sometimes nervous about, the layering part, so great challenge, there are a couple of pages I already would have stopped by now.

  4. Vicky these have gotten better every day!

    1. thx, I'm glad, that I didn't ruin them with adding to it.

  5. Layer until you either get bored or create a masterpiece! I'm beginning to get it! Love the blues one...