Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The deadline for the junk journaling challenge with the theme ‘bottle’ is november 28, so I needed to get my second page done quickly.
I gave myself a time limit of an hour to complete this page.
This was freeing, because there was not much time to think and ponder, just action.
In my head there was an image of an exploding champagne bottle, that was the starting point and this is what it finally became 

I started with a piece of cardboard from a popcorn box (I found that suitable with the popping aka exploding J)
I painted different colors of acrylic paint with a cork from a wine bottle. (the only issue was that I needed to dry this and this was time consuming)
Don't you just love all that texture?

I then outlined some circles in black and added dots. Used a bottle cap to create some circles in hot pink and used my finger to add some fluo yellow dots. Glued some magazine pictures down from wine bottles and that was the background done.

As focal image I cut out a cava bottle from some junk mail, wrote my quote in it: don’t bottle things up, they will only explode.
The butterfly in the corner is cut out of a wine label and decorated with acrylic paint.

The butterfly also fits in very well with the escapada from the label of the cava.

In my last minutes of the hour I altered the images of the bottle and butterfly a bit.


  1. Vicky I love your bottle project, is it shaken and not stirred? xox

    1. absolutely shaken Ruth, otherwise it wouldn't explode lol

  2. An hour is not a long time for a page - for me not anyway - I can take hours or even days to do a page. Sometimes I need to sleep on it, but the best ones just happen without too much thought going into them. Perhaps I should challenge myself with a time limit like you did! Your page turned out great!

    1. An hour is not long for me too Susan, that's exactly why I set myself that challenge. I recently saw a video and she set herself a time limit of 5 minutes??

  3. Jeez, I spend that much time collecting what I want to use!

    1. I must say i was looking for a particular promotion folder with wine bottles in, but couldn't find it, normally I would keep searching but because of the time limit I had to go with something else, but hey look how it turned out.