Thursday, December 4, 2014

a little teaser...

Hello everybody,

I am contemplating on starting my very own challenge.
I had this idea (call it crazy) to do something around actuality.
This can be seen very broad, something about international/national/local/personal news; hypes of the moment; hit parade…
The idea behind it is that time flies by so quickly and this way you create something (it doesn’t have to be a journal) that captures the time spirit.
So when in a couple of years you grab whatever you’ve created you will be sent back in time and can relive it, a memento of 2015.
I’m still thinking this one through, like do I work with a link or start a facebookgroup, which should be the frequency,…

Just wanted to share already to see whether there would be any interest at all, so let me know and if you have suggestions do not hesitate to let me know.


  1. Sounds interesting Vicky. I'm always ready for a challenge. A Facebook group would probably attract more people and provide support,etc.

    1. Thx Roz, I'm in full preparation as it is almost 2015 aaghh