Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Quotes book

I am very proud to present to you my very own illustrated quotes book, a work of love from a whole year.

I started with writing all the quotes I have used on pieces of scrappaper, tearing them and glueing them down on the inside covers.

I gave that a wash with some dilluted gesso.

I wrote the letters Q and L with an embossingpen and heat embossed them with some clear embossing powder. I wanted to create a resist for the next step, which was sprayinking.
I then used my frame stamp all over, my stamping was far from perfect :-(

I painted the space in between with green to ty it in with the front cover, this was already making a difference, outlined the frames with a black pen, much better.
I typed all the words out and glued them in the frames, this was the finishing touch the covers needed.

For the outside covers I used some vintage green paper and created this 3D frame in which I stamped my handcarved butterfly stamp.

The inner pages are glued on 3 sides, so the top is open and creates a pocket in which I can insert tags with other inspiring quotes from the other entries.

Here is a recap of all my entries


  1. Vicky it is so rich in colours and textures, love it!

    1. thx Ruth, means a lot coming from you, the queen of textures :-)

  2. Love your quotes journal! It's so full of colours and wonderful sentiments!

    1. thx Susan, quotes are just a wonderful source of inspiration to me