Sunday, October 13, 2013

Art book for my son

My second book is an art book for my son, in here we can document all the cool projects we’ve done or want to do. For the cover I used a pasta box, this has a much wider spine then my gelli journal where I used a pizza box.  So this means that this book contains 8 signatures, each made up of 5 pages. This makes 80 pages in total. 
A lot of space for art projects, which we both love. 
This book is a work in progress. 
I wrapped brown packaging material around the cover as a basis, on top I glued a pirate’s treasure map which I tea dyed and burnt the edges to give an aged look.

My initial plan was to alter each page before binding the book, but I’m not a quick crafter, so the book was taking forever to complete and I wanted to start using it for our projects, so I decided to bind it as it is (4 signatures were ready) and alter the remaining 4 as time goes by, maybe this leads to a couple of restrictions, we’ll see.

Each signature is different, so for example one I embellished with gelli prints my son made himself,

Another I colored using ‘magical crayons’ (= magische krijtjes), these are triangle shaped crayons which are very durable and can be used in different ways, they blend with terpentine. That’s the downside if you’re working inside; you always need to provide plenty of ventilation.

The book has many pockets with tags in them, flip out pages… So in fact the book in itself becomes a piece of art.

This book is better made than the first one, the pages are cut more neat, the sewing is tighter, I’m learning as I go along.

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