Tuesday, October 8, 2013

gelli fun with thrift store finds

I often pass by the local thrift store to browse for interesting textures that I could use with my gelli plate. Last time I found these 2 tablemaths for only 1 euro:

Especially the one with the circles gives gorgeous results, also becomes an awesome stamp then.

I definitely will be using this more in the future,

Now I only need to figure out a good storage solution for all my texture tools, I started out with a cardboardbox but it is now seriously piling over

any suggestions anyone J


  1. You find the best textures in your stores! I have all of mine stored in a box too- that is like digging for treasure when I am gelli printing! So glad you shared this with the party!

    1. I transferred mine to a bigger, transparent box. Now I can easily see what is on the bottom

  2. Just learned about the gelli plate a few days ago on Carolyn Dube's blog ... it's on my Christmas wish list now LOL! Love your box of texture ... will have to start one of my own ...