Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Puff Paint Paintings

This week there is no school, so extra time to be creative and get messy with the kids.
Yesterday we played around with some puff paint: easy, cheap and a lot of FUN.
We started out by making a batch of the puff paint:
therefore we mixed equal parts of  flour, salt and water together, divided it in smaller portions and added food coloring ( we added liquid and powder coloring) to achieve the desired color. Then made piping bags by pouring the different colors into plastic bags and closing them with an elastic band, snipping the ends of and ready to go.

Seeing my son piping the different colors onto a piece of cardstock and creating as he called them “his treasure maps”, I could imagine that he would also be a good cake decorator J

A few seconds in the microwave and the masterpieces were finished.

It doesn’t look as puffy as some of the examples I’ve seen on the internet, so next time I’m going to try what difference it makes when you use self-raising flour and maybe using fizzy water.

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