Monday, September 22, 2014

projects in the pipeline

Normally I show only finished pieces.
But why exactly?
Maybe because we only want to show finished, perfect pieces. But don’t we all say the process is as impotant as the end result, or sometimes even more important.
The end can not be what you wanted/expected but you learned on the way what works and what doesn’t.
So in that perspective here are some sneak peeks of what is laying on my desk and waiting for some inspiration on what to do with them next:


collaged background

book cover


  1. You've got quite a few projects on the go! I love the brilliant colours of the canvas!

  2. the bookcover is laying there for over more then a year I believe, the canvas is with leftover delipaper which I used to mask of certain areas during gelli printing.

  3. Beautiful work. Very beautiful! I would not have know that these were unfinished works if you had not declared them as such, but of course we all have our own perspectives. I particularly like the canvas. The colours are wondrous! :D ((hugs))