Wednesday, September 10, 2014


This page is made up entirely out of rubbish/junk.
I started by collaging pieces of my tear-off palette (no precious paint wasted here) as a background.
Love all the colors, don’t you?

Then I blended the pieces together with some white paint.
I wanted to create a busy city on to this, so I stamped directly on to the page but this failed as the palette has some kind of coating on it which got pulled off with the stamping.
On to plan B: stamped the images on some tissuepaper (which came out of a shoe  box) and glued them randomly on the page. Succes!!
Then I added some pieces of dried up acrylic paint (yes, I also have a jar filled with these on my desk, like I already mentioned no waste what so ever) which represents all the junk on the street.
Next I added a  black border so it seems you are looking through a telescope to this city or through a car window now I look at it.
The text is written on a piece of paper towell which I glued together following the instructions of Jennibellie in her journal workshop.
Can’t wait to grab my pile of used paper towells and turn them into these little canvases, it’s so much fun and messy and it creates a new usable worksurface with a lovely texture.

Only 2 more to go and the cover.


  1. Yes, I love the colours, so bright and fun and its a good message too.

    1. Thanks Susan, it doesn't always have to be dull while sending out such an important message.

  2. A very excellent example of what beauty can be achieved whilst recycling. Gorgeous colors for a fabulous concept :D