Thursday, September 25, 2014

smash book

I have a box filled with memorabilia (entrance tickets, plans, cards,…) and after doing some research I came across this concept of a smash book.
A smash book is apparantly a book in which you write/glue/… quickly, without overthinking about composition etc.
Just perfect for this project.
And then (off coarse) another project popped into my head, a smash book about my son.
Just to document funny quotes/actions from him, because we all know that they grow up so fast and I want to try and capture as much as possible for later.

I started by selecting patterned paper, I had this set laying around for making a boy scrapbook in 60 minutes.
Instead of making the scrapbook I used the paper for my first smash book 

It also had some stickers and punch outs which I put in a pocket in the book so I can use that during the process of smashing.

The process of making the book is actually simple.
Just choose paper, cut it in different sizes (I like oddly shaped pages) and bind it with the Bind it all.
(although the explanation is simple, the book itself took me some hours to make, I’m always astound of the amount of time it takes)
Here are some pictures of the finished book:

the cover

Can’t wait to start smashing. 


  1. What a fabulous idea. I thought smashing and scrapping were the same thing, but perhaps not. I don't do either as it was never something I was introduced to, it's not something I've learnt much about, but I wish I had. Now I feel I have waay too much other stuff going on, to start 'just' one more hobby. I look forward to seeing what you do with this. Have a great weekend :o)

    1. well, I'm also new to this and I can be wrong but what I've read is that smashing is less about the perfect composition than scrapbooking. I think you can do whatever you like, that should always be the case.

  2. Replies
    1. the composition of the inner pages were already there with the scrapbookingpaper, the cover I collaged myself.