Tuesday, January 20, 2015


On January 3rd there was a massive car accident where a lorry drove into a queue of cars who were waiting for a red light, 3 people (a mother and her 2 teenage kids) died and the driver got arrested because he tested positive for the drug test (afterwards it became clear that he had smoked something on new year's eve and not on that fatal day). But the public opinion was already formed, also because of the media and their point of view. 
That was my starting point for this spread in my ARTicles book

I found this quote to be very appropriate:
Before you assume, learn the facts. Before you judge, understand why. Before you hurt someone, feel. Before you speak, think.

Because it has 4 parts, I divided my page into 4 and made 4 little spreads.

On the first one I started by writing all kinds of fun facts, like did you know that it takes up to 2900 gallons of water to make just one pair of jeans?? 

Then I used some Inktense pencils to color the background and added some gel medium through a stencil as a resist.

Spray ink on top which I blotted with some kitchen towel, just love the dotted effect it gave.

On the second one I started by spray inking the background on top of which I used a stencil and some more spray ink. I added some doodling in the stenciled figures and added a picture of a scale, the logo of justice.

The third one started out as a collage from leftover pieces of scrap paper

on top of which I did some stenciling with acrylic paint, added some doodles and stamping and a broken felt heart for the feel and hurt in the quote.

Because I had so much paint left over on my palette from the stenciling I used it for the background of the fourth, I used a palette knife to apply the paint, loving that texture.

I added some more texture with texture paste through yet another stencil. And a text stamp for the speaking part of the quote.

So as you noticed I used stencils in 4 different ways:
With gel medium as a resist
Spray inking
With acrylic paint
and with texture paste

Stencils are just so versatile.
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For now, bye.
PS I will also be linking to  sunday sentiments #7


  1. Vicky it is an amazing commemoration!

    1. Thx Ruth, it took a while before I knew what to do, and in fact I still didn't know but just started and it came.

  2. I like how you split you page into 4 parts to accommodate the quote. Very interesting! Such sad news though. Whether the driver was on drugs or not, he was clearly at fault driving without due care and attention causing the deaths of three people. That's not an accident, that's carelessness. I've joined your group by the way!

    1. I just saw, thank you so much Susan, you totally made my day.

  3. Pages look ace! What a horrid start to the new year.