Saturday, January 3, 2015

the reveil: ARTicles

In December I already gave a little sneak peak of what was cooking in my head.
Now the time is finally there to reveil it in full glory: ARTicles.
A FB group where you can share, if you'd wish to off course, your view on actuality. And as I already said actuality can be filled in very broad: from actual news (domestic/foreign/regional) to hitparades, movies or even personal news, everything goes. 

I will be working in this fab book which I managed to salvage from the carbage bin at work.

the book measures 38 x 25 cm and is in landscape.
The first page had to be about the New Year's celebrations.

I used black gesso to create a night sky, made a firework stencil and stenciled it with metallic paint.

Heat embossed one of my favorite stamps at the moment (a circle) with holographic embossingpowder. 
Stamped a clock on some tissue paper and added major cities from around the globe, to represent the fact that we all celebrate New Year at a different time. The dancing ladies are cut out of a gelliprint.

So if you are interested to join, click on the link and join the group, everybody's welcome.


  1. What a fun spread, and I love your fireworks stencil!

  2. Loved the firework stencil, and it's definitely great to remind us to everyone around the globe the new year comes in at a different moment!

    1. yes, that's rather funny isn't it, I was just thinking about that when we were driving around on January the first to family in the morning, that in the States it was just after midnight.

  3. A fabulous stencil! You're so clever at making them. Wee Man is fascinated that or friends around the world are on different times. When we 'speak' to Boo, I remind him we type quietly because she's in bed or we have to shout to Tracey because she's busy at work in Australia. Good silly fun.
    Looking forward to seeing how your group progresses :D xo

    1. O, that is just hilarious, need to do that with my son also, see what he thinks of that.