Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hof ter Dormaal

This page in my ARTicles book is about a fire in a local brewery. Not only is the brewery located only a few streets away from where I live, but also and mainly I was touched by the warm gesture of an individual who immediately set up a FB group to organize a crowdfunding. In today's newspaper I read that they already managed to raise up to 8000 euros this way.

I made the background using my inktense pencils in the colors of a fire: sun yellow, sienna gold, tangerine and poppy red, don't you just love those names.

And isn't it just magic how just some water transforms the scribbles in this intense sea of color.
I added some more interest by using a spatula and some red acrylic paint. I took a page out of an old book and made it translucent with some baby oil and adhered some pieces here and there.
I cut 2 hands out of gelli prints and glued them on the opposite sides of each other, so they are reaching out to each other and also connected them with my arrow stamp. Then I just added the quote: The capacity to care is what gives life its most deepest significance.

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  1. Vicky it is not only a wonderful see of colours (by the way the red-yellow-orange combo reminds me to beer) but the sentiment is fabulous about care and I guess also about community :-)

    1. thx Ruth, and now you say yes they also could be the colours of beer :-)

  2. What a wonderful story and your page depicts the sentiment beautifully. I love my inktense pencils too. The Tangerine is one of my favourites; also the Fuscia :o))