Saturday, February 7, 2015


I started by gluing 2 pieces of doiley in the opposite corners and tried a new technique, transferring an image from an inkjet copie with gel medium. I printed the words love, xoxo, hugs&kisses and be my valentine out on my inkjet printer (selected mirror image!!), applied gel medium and burnished them on the page and IT WORKED!!! 

Next I drew some random circles with inktense pencils and activated them with water, but I wasn't quite liking the result, so I sprayed some fire brick Dylusions on the top and made it drip, ok liking that, disaster diverted :-)
Next I had a fight with my sewing machine, I own one but I am totally useless at using it, first I tried to stitch on a scrap piece, finally after 15 minutes or so it worked, took my actual piece and arrgh my thread was finished, needed to fix that which took me another 15 minutes or so, luckily then it was just a matter of stitching the edges. 
I glued 4 buttons in each corner which I made myself by the way out of scrap pieces of patterned paper. I am very pleased with them.
Stenciled the woman's face and added some flower embillishments.


  1. Great fun, in spite of your frustration!

    1. Thx Winn, I am considering of using my sewing machine more for paper projects maybe i will get better at it and the frustarations go down

  2. Looks great Vicky, agree with Win, best things come from frustrations!