Friday, February 6, 2015


Yesterday's word was ice. I did do the card yesterday and it was a quick one, but it needed to dry overnight.
I made a landscape of snowy mountains out of texture paste (homemade) and added sparkle with some glitter. The sky is done with Inktense pencils to which I added some white spatters for snowflakes falling down. Added a bit of glossy accents where the mountains touch to suggest a frozen lake, where a reindeer is at the look out.

This is my son's interpretation

Can't wait for the weekend because we are heading out for the mountains for some sledding fun.


  1. Great interpretations, both of you Vicky, have fun!

  2. That's a cool texture! Looks more like sand in the photo, but it must be the lighting causing that. Cute drawing by your son too!

    1. Thx, I will tell him. And excuse me for the poor photographs.

  3. Loving the dual photos of this icy image!

  4. Replies
    1. Thx, you know how it good, the little one always wants to imitate, but i'm always amazed at what ease he creates, without thinking or worrying about the outcome, we all should be more like that don't you think?