Thursday, February 18, 2016

forgotten toys - alcohol inks

This month’s theme over at the let’s play party is neglected art supplies.
I had to think a bit about this, after all they are neglected and forgotten about, but then suddenly I could think of a few, one of which is alcohol inks.

I believe these bottles were one of my first purchases when I started my mixed media journey a couple of years back, after some initial play they were abandoned and they have been sitting on my shelf since then.

I did some searching on the net and pinned all different kinds of techniques with alcohol inks.
I grabbed my bottles and started playing.
Because they were neglected they didn’t feel precious to me anymore and that made me feel free to experiment with them.
(I can remember when I just bought them and knew exactly how expensive they were,let me say I was very careful with them)

Enough of me talking let me show you the results of my play time.

blown with canned air
something my son also really enjoyed doing.

I think this must be my favourite technique
marbling in water,
super easy and look at that result.

gessod cardstock, double embossed.
embossed with machine
and heat embossed with silver.
this effect was created with hairspray and AI.

metallic sheet, embossed and AI added.

glossy cardstock swiped
 with applicator with AI and alcohol
stippled with applicator.
AI and alcohol on craft mat,
card swiped through.
Love these colors.
stippled on a piece of acetate.

Here are 2 techniques I tried but didn't turned out like I hoped it would
colors were first swiped on (do not like the colors)
then stencilled.
The stencilling didn't work like I hoped.
You should be able to poor it in the stencil and it keeps it together
but mine seeped underneath. so I used the applicator instead.

AI on CD, stamped and heat emboss on top.
Something I also learned following Carolyne's Permission to play workshop, besides using non precious supplies, is that you do not have to create finished pieces every single time. 
So I just had fun creating these, 
are these finished? 
but I am not putting pressure on me to do so.


  1. Play is a very good thing. I like to take things out I haven't used in a while too.

  2. I had no idea I could use them for marbling on water - thanks for sharing and inspiring me! I too bought them and have been careful with them because of how much they cost (I've a lot of the original colours). I can't remember the last time I used them since Karen x

  3. Not having to create a "project" every time has been something that I have recently learned (again). Remember as kids it didn't really matter what the end result was, sometimes it was just about having fun.

    1. I feel the same way today. Thank you for saying that.
      I recently gave myself permission to play, get messy and to fail at doing anything perfectly.
      Still learning to relax, but things do feel somewhat better.

  4. WOW!!!!! Such a variety of ways of expressing with color! I am impressed by the way you've combined your colors here. Never having tried alc inks before, I am surprised by the variety of looks that may be achieved. Nice work!

  5. So many different looks you created with your alcohol inks! Thanks for sharing with Let's Play!