Tuesday, February 23, 2016

neglected art supplies - distress stains

Another supply that can use some dusting off are my distress stains.
Why do I suddenly think about neglected supplies? Well head on over to Carolyne Dube's blog and she'll explain you everything.
So I cut some tags and grabbed my stains and was all set for some play time.

This is an overview of the results

And here are the details

watercolor technique = applying distress stain (DS) to craft mat and swiping tag through it.

watercolor technique and stamping with DS

from left to right:
watercolor technique + DS blown with air can
drawn pattern with crayon (acts as a resist for the DS) + watercolor technique
watercolor technique + dauber dots

some textured tags
left: glue down crumbled up tissuepaper and add some DS 
right: scrunch up the still wet tag after the watercolor technique,
then add some DS to the crunches.

these ones didn't really turned out as hoped.
left:watercolor technique + watersplatters
centre: watercolor technique + placing a babywipe for a while on top
right:apply layer of babyoil, on top watercolor technique

I turned the tags in a little booklet for further reference by simply putting a bookring through the holes.


  1. Fun way to play with Distress stains! I think I've neglected that supply too! Thanks for being a part of Let's Play!

  2. Just like a Recipe card File for art! I really like some of the looks you've chosen to show us here. Plus, there is tissue paper in one corner of my studio are.

  3. Great backgrounds, Vicky! Good idea to keep the tags together with a ring!

  4. These look fab, love all the different effects. Great idea to make them into a booklet, I think I might do this myself. Handy for inspiration if you ever get stuck for ideas.
    Katrina x