Sunday, March 20, 2016

ARTicles 1

I am blowing new life into my ARTicles book.
My last entry dates from 25 July 2015.
I'm changing the concept a bit in that way that I will create a double spread per week and try to journal each day about some good news I have read.
Here is my spread from this week

What good news did I gather this week?

a story about a man who created a garden filled with lovely scented Shibazakura flowers for his blind wife  which took him 2 years, how romantic. It has now turned into a tourist attraction in Japan.
 2 stories about the Syrian refugees. 

One about how 2 young Dutch students got the idea of recycling all the lifevests and boats that are washed upon the Greek beaches and turn them into much needed backpacks for the refugees
and another where WWII refugees write letters of hope to Syrian child refugees.

I also found this neat project Google is working on, called Cultural Institute, where they digitalise and virtualize art works. They recently also created a 360° video from one of Breughel's most famous work, the fall of the rebel angels. Check it out, this is totally awesome.

And lastly a story about a woman who offered to pay the grocery bill of $7 of the person in front of her in the supermarket queu because he had forgotten his wallet. A month later she found out that this person had made an anonymous donation of $10000 in her name to a cancer foundation.

All one for one heartwarming, positive stories.
In a world that seems to be focused on the negative I think it is necesarly to search for the good and beauty, otherwise we all will become bittered.

Interested in joining in? 
GOOD NEWS... you can.
Just join the ARTicles FB page and share what you've created that was inspired by actuality in the broad sense of the meaning: this can be the news, hitlists, movie releases, personal news....
something you create and in a couple of years you flick through and get teleported back to the past.

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  1. Your book looks amazing. I LOVE the concept of recording the positive news stories. What a great thing to look back on and remind yourself of the goodness in the world. Sending you crafting hugs, Cara x