Tuesday, March 22, 2016

JAM 11 favorite place

My favorite place is by far my home.
Ok, I like to go on holiday, to the beach or on a daytrip, but I’m always very happy when I return home.
And when I wouldn’t have all those trips I still would be very happy just spending time home.
I have  everything I need their, a comfy bed, a garden, the people I love and don’t forget my craft studio.
The creative challenge we got from Tiara with this prompt is to use torn or ripped paper, I’ve created a scene with our house all in ripped paper, even the circle is ripped.

I added some stamping, lovely creatures in the sky, flowers in the garden and lost of hearts representing the love that fills our house.  

I addeds some magical dimension to the hearts as can be seen here on a close-up.

I'll also be linking this page to the biweekly Craft Barn challenge where the theme is circles in the background as the page is a circle.


  1. Wow, you've done an amazing job creating that fabulous scene with torn paper. Love it. Cara x

  2. Lovely home! Great idea to have the "ripped" concept throughout.