Thursday, March 10, 2016

JAM 9 favorite food - use a straw

I didn’t have to think long to figure out what my favorite food is, chocolate off course, mmmm...
And how lucky am I to be living in Belgium, besides waffles and beer also well known for his great chocolates.

I pulled out my gelli plate and made a print in chocolate brown using a straw as a texture tool.
Next I added some hot pink using the straw as a stamping tool and blew some brown ecoline around.
So in fact I used the straw in 3 different ways.
I wanted to create the illusion that is was raining chocolate so I stamped raindrops and highlighted them with glossy accents.
All around the border I glued down chocolates from a napkin.
And then…well then I got stuck

I put the page aside until some inspiration would hit me,
but unfortunately it didn’t,

so I took the drastic decision to gesso on top of it and start all over.

Now my vision was to create a box of chocolates.
So I drew a grid with a heart in each one.
Then I took a paintbrush and used the back to stamp dots with,
brown outline for the milk chocolate, colored insides for the fillings and outsides for the wrappers.

The last thing I needed to do was to create a lid for my box.
So I took a  piece of paper of which the pattern is luscious and just perfect for a box filled with yummy chocolates, cut it to size and cut an inner circle out, on the inside I glued a piece of transparent on which I wrote my quote from Forrest gump with a gold and black posca pen

Life is like a box of chocolates
you never know what you're going to get

Don't you just want to open this box and indulge on those wonderful chocolates?
I know I do J

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