Wednesday, March 23, 2016

the day after - WOYWW355

This is my workdesk today, the day after the cowardless tragic terrorist attacts in Brussel, only 20 km away from my home.
Luckily none of my relatives or friends are involved, although there were some lucky escapes, my cousin’s son for instance usually takes that metro to go to union but just not yesterday, he ran to catch a train instead. Or some of my colleagues had to take a flight but luckily not that early, they were heading out to grab a taxi at the moment the news was running in from the attack.
Also I’m glad that my son is still at an age (6 years old) that he doesn’t stand still at these facts, he was only disappointed that their planned outing with school was cancelled because a bomb exploded in Zaventem.

So what is on my workdesk today, a page in my ARTicles book, although I was planning on turning it into a positive news book, I just had to make this to process everything.
I made a black page because this is one of the blackest days in our history,
the date in red for all the blood that has been shed
and stars for all the lives that have been taken, notice that I made them white, I did that because we need to stay hopeful and don’t give in to the fear and panic the terrorists want to create.


  1. it really touches home when you have someone who was affected, if not so directly, but indirectly. Happy WOYWW Helen #2

  2. I hadn't realised you lived in Belgium. This has affected so man of us but not in quite the same way as it will have affected you. I only knew of one person in Belgium but thankfully she posted on FB that she was ok and was offering a lift in her car to people via FB.
    What a lot of thought has gone into the make up of your page - a sad reminder of a terrible act but as you say, we must not give in to terrorism.
    My thoughts are with you and your countrymen.
    Neet 12 xx

  3. A very worrying day for you Vicky. We had local schoolchildren in Brussels at the weekend from the uk playing football. They landed back home in Manchester just at the time of the explosion. These are very worrying times we live in.
    Lynn 13 xx

  4. The biggest hugs, staying focused on the positives is all we can do in these situations and know that it is only the few that are carrying out such awful attacks.

    The page is a powerful reminder of what the day actually resulted in - the loss of innocent lives.

    My thoughts to you and yours

  5. A wonderful tribute page in you album such horrors are inexcusable. Take care. Linda #17

  6. You're right, we have to stay hopeful and not give in to the fear that this sort of outrage engenders. Thank goodness that your friends and family weren't caught up in it.
    Hugs, LLJ 1 xxx

  7. A beautifully thoughtful post Vicky wasn't aware you were in Belgium either. May the Lord bless you, your family and your country.
    Thanks so much for sharing, Shaz in Oz.x 8

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  8. So pleased to hear your family are all safe and wonderful page to journal your thoughts and feelings.
    sandra de @27

  9. A thoughtful and moving blogpost, and a beautiful tribute in your journal pages. Thank goodness your family and friends were all safe - my thoughts go out to you and your countrymen.
    Diana #30 xx

  10. The world is a very sad place at the moment and none of us are really safe. We were in France a couple of weeks ago and some child had left a backpack and teddy by the luggage conveyor belt and the whole airport came to a standstill with bomb disposal men and planes being transferred to other airports but they had no choice. I pray that things will get sorted but I just don't know how. Angela x 23

  11. My heart and thoughts are with Belgium at the moment. Such a tragic waste of life, I think your pages are the perfect way to acknowledge what has happened. Hugs, Cara x

  12. I will never understand these acts of violence. Glad your family is safe.
    Diane - WOYWW #32

  13. Sending hugs your way. Glad your family/friends are okay.

    We never think it's going to happen near us, do we? Cowards, that's what they are and they are wanting us to be terrorized and change our lives. The best thing we can do is continue as normal and not let them win!

    Nice, appropriate journal page.

    Sharon k #51

  14. Good morning and I am glad to hear that your family and friends are safe but it is very sad when this happens. You art journal is trully touching and may you have a good Easter weekend.Hugs~Anne L#7

  15. Vickie, I am soooooo glad your family is safe! What terrible news of events. Sadly it is still so close to our hearts here in the states with the tragic events of 9/11! I don't understand why we can't all just get along! I love the beginnings of your journal pages and the thoughts behind them! Blessings for your weekend! :) Felicia #55

  16. Hi Vicky, So glad your family and friends are all ok.

    Sorry I don't recognise the embossing folder.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #20

  17. such awful events yesterday. Glad that your family and friends are all okay. Your pages says it all really xx Thanks for visiting me earlier today Soojay xx

  18. What more can I say. A beautiful post. Anne x #24 x

  19. What more can I say. A beautiful post. Anne x #24 x

  20. Oh vicky, how frightening for you, to be so close to those horrors. So glad your family are safe. That book is a powerful reminder of the dark days and the lives that have been cruelly ended.
    Bless you for finding time to visit my page, you will be pleased to know I have my worktop back and it is already deep in card making materials.
    Chris #31

  21. Glad to hear you and loved ones are safe. The world needs to work together to end the current reign of terror. So senseless. Journaling is a good idea.

  22. What a wonderful tribute, Thanks for the visit BJ#69

  23. A beautiful post - sad but strong - you are so right about not giving in to the terrorists, we continue to visit Paris.
    Thankful that your family is safe and it always amazes me how the young cope - when my daughter died I worried how her siblings would cope. The ambulance man said that they had the resilience of the young, a phrase that has always stayed with me.
    Have a crafting Easter (if you can!)
    Take care
    Christine aka Bishopsmate #36

  24. What a dark day indeed, but your post is full of light and hope. Thank you for the visit today and I promise not to set my room alight without giving your first dibs! PJ #61

  25. Such a cowardly senseless act! Even though we are on the opposite side of the globe, our thoughts and prayers are with all the people of Belgium.
    Glad to hear that you were safe and nobody you hold dear were directly affected. Your page is a beautiful tribute.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #62

  26. Beautiful tribute. Good to hear all is well with you and your family. Such a sensless tragidy. Creative Blessings! Kelly #49

  27. Glad all is well with you and your family. We had a minutes silence at football on Friday. Over 10 thousand people fell silent. It sure makes you think during that silence. Take care Zo xx 43

  28. What a truly touching page and a wonderful tribute. So happy to hear that you and your loved ones are doing well. Hugs and blessings to you <3