Monday, January 22, 2018


Hello and welcome,

In 2016 I didn't complete a lot of my Wanderlust lessons, hence the reason why I didn't sign up last year, but I did sign up for the 2018 class and am determined to do better. 
With the advise from Kasia in the back of my head to be open and explore I started my project for Michelle Turbide's class, which was a class on intuitive painting.

my stepstones for this project were: 
  1. layers
  2. water/lake
  3. pinks and purples
Here you can see the progress of my canvas:

Here I created my lake, but as you can see in the next picture it turned into a meandering river (ok, this is still water)

But the river felt more like a path (ok, no water anymore) towards a sunset

Layers and layers of acrylic paint and inks later it was ready for the final touch,
my butterfly tree.


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